EveCom DAO: Funding the next generation of creators

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EveCom DAO: Funding the next generation of creators


Unrewarded geniuses are practically a cliché.

A few days ago when we were at the MTS (Metaverse Tunisian Summit), we had some insights on how to make EveCom even much better. And the best way to get insights is by pitching your idea. The first question we get when pitching EveCom was “why web3?” we usually get to answer emphasising how buying your ticket using your crypto wallet is cool and stuff on how using your visa card sucks (if you are in Morocco you can’t exceed the amount of $1500/year). But another sophisticated answer was in order. And that’s precisely why we brainstormed at home to come up with the next big thing in web3 ticketing.

Web3 people meme

OK, so you have organized this huge event, tell me what were the first hurdles you encountered in doing so? Getting speakers is easy, getting partners even easier but getting some money is probably the only thing you’ll hassle to do. Because some companies even if they put all their soul into your event, It’s the end of the year and the budget they allocate for sponsoring events like yours was already allocated, tough luck, come back next year.

How Evecom is solving the funding problem?

At its core, Evecom breathes web3, from the privacy of users to the way we handle payments all wrapped with a layer of decentralization and security, and what’s even more, is that now we feel that Evecom is mature enough to turn into a DAO. We want our community to start deciding on events that are being organized worldwide. So the next time you mint that birthday party ticket of your BFF you could be helping a charity event being organized in Kenya. The scope of what we can do with more decentralization governance is limitless. Whether it’s a model united nations (MUN) that you are planning to organize at your high school, or it’s that local musician who you want to support and watch rise.

DAO use cases:

  • Sponsoring hackathons (prizes)
  • Sponsoring events from a-z
  • Protecting user’s funds when an event has been cancelled (users can vote to freeze the organizer's funds)

Introducing the EEP (Evecom Event Proposal)

We were heavily inspired by the AAVE DAO and its AIPs to come up with our own EEP where users can create a proposal to sponsor a given event, after the proposal is verified and approved by the Evecom committee an on-chain proposal shall be created and the voting should start. Event Proposal (EEP)

How to vote?

For now, all voting power is decided by how much UNT you hold on Ethereum, the governance proposals and voting process shall be carried on Ethereum mainnet. But execution can be forwarded to target contracts on other L2s if needed. More on cross-chain governance is to be expected soon.

Stay foolish, stay hungry!

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