Unity Network: From small beginnings to a bright future

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Unity Network: From small beginnings to a bright future


Hi everyone!

2022 has been a fruitful year for Unity Network with much traveling, media appearances and new developments. We have several exciting updates and a big NFT Airdrop competition to share with you. 

Survival of the fittest

The crypto bear market hit the world of Web3 hard about 400 days after the Bitcoin halving. On top of that, massive inflation swept across Europe after the war started and global funding hit its lowest point in years this summer. These trends coincided one of the largest years for crypto crime ever, with over $3 billion being stolen so far. 

All this has made an impact on the global crypto market cap, entering us into a game of survival of the fittest. 

We are committed to riding out this storm. 

Unity Network is dedicated to engaging with our users, as well as the wider blockchain community, to ensure we are adapting with market shifts. 

Unity Network’s ticket to the next bull market

Unity Network in the news and on the ground

The team at Unity Network has been focused on media appearance, partnerships and building behind the scenes. This includes attending the recent European Blockchain Convention. At this landmark event, Charles represented Unity Network and joined thousands of Europe’s creators, founders, builders, CEOs and investors to discuss trends and developments in the industry. 

Information about Unity Network’s products have been out there for a while gathering data, research and feedback. We have stood the test of time through a volatile bear market and are happy to announce EveCom, the NFT based ticket management system, as our first product. EveCom leverages blockchain technology to build a better NFT-based ticketing system that solves major pain points and challenges with traditional ticketing systems. 

The conditions are good, the course is set and development is progressing fast.

Unity Network presents: EveCom - Your Event Companion

EveCom - Your Event Companion

EveCom is an NFT-based ticketing service accessible to everyone. It enables both private and professional event organizers to create, promote and sell NFT-based tickets for any event, physical and virtual – worldwide.

EveCom is built to be secure, transparent and cost-effective.

Your one-stop event ticketing platform 

NFT-based tickets with low production costs can be minted and sold in less than a minute. EveCom includes all the tools needed to create, promote, sell and verify the NFT-based tickets on the blockchain.

Revenue Generator

EveCom has a pay-per-use model. Users purchase the package suitable for their needs with no monthly fees or subscriptions. Discounts and advantages are offered to holders of UNT. 

The use cases for the token grows with EveCom, driving up the token’s value for investors.

EveCom's competitive pricing model allows the platform to grow over time, increasing marketing and the range of possibilities Unity can offer to its community of investors and users.

Design Philosophy

Quality-of-life issues – such as ineffective UX, UI, user education and visual design – hold back many DeFi projects from achieving mainstream adoption. Unity Network gives users a world-class experience to bring EveCom into a new era of mass adoption.

EveCom is designed with the user in mind: 

  • Easy to use: Our mission is to create an inclusive platform that empowers users of all backgrounds and levels of technical ability to take advantage of this new generation of financial technology.
  • Revenue opportunities: NFT-based tickets act as programmable money, providing unlimited potential for new revenue opportunities. This includes, for example, ambassador programs using NFT tickets to provide food and drink deals, hotel discounts and rewards for recurring guests who have gathered many event tickets. 
  • Recurring revenue opportunities: Because programmable NFTs can have built-in rules for merchandise, content, resale and royalty splits, the organizer can analyze profit sharing percentages for future resale or creative content on secondary markets. They can receive funds knowing the tickets are unalterable within the NFT’s coding.
  • Transparent and secure: Blockchain, by preventing fake tickets and crippling scalpers with illicit intents, provides a trusted source for both ticket holders and organizers. The transfer of NFTs from the initial sale to resale is stored on the blockchain immutably so all parties can prove the ticket’s authenticity. In cases where the resale of tickets is forbidden, NFTs can be developed as nontransferable, not to be moved to another buyer. Contrary to the traditional way of digitizing tickets, NFTS can be minted and ready to put for sale in less than a minute.
  • Minimal cost: Costs associated with selling and minting NFTs are negligible compared to the traditional ticketing system. You can produce an NFT-based ticket for less production cost. Simultaneously, customers and organizers can validate the authenticity of every ticket on the chain and track the history of ownership. 

EveCom, following this philosophy, not only provides a great experience for the user, it also  solves the ticketing industry’s major challenges. 

Key Components of EveCom

The Dashboard

The event dashboard is at the core of Evecom and allows events organizers to track:

  • Tickets sold in real time
  • How much users are paying to mint their ticket NFT
  • Number of event page visits
  • Daily/weekly/monthly event revenue
  • Live mentions on Twitter
  • Top referrals

The NFT Tickets Studio

The NFT ticket studio allows you to design a simple ticket on the fly, with hundreds of templates available for free!


Trade your NFT ticket by joining the event marketplace on EveCom Marketplace.

Get your royalties

Organizers can set their own fee on the secondary sales of their NFT tickets. Whenever a user makes a sale, you earn a commission.

Get stats & insights

Get stats and insights to see how your tickets are being traded. — How it works

EveCom coming to an event near you 

The development of EveCom is already ahead of schedule and is being actively tested and designed to suit everyone's needs. It’s about creating a better ticketing system that solves all the major pain points in today's ticketing industry. It is expected that EveCom will be fully functional and available worldwide in Q1 2023.

The roadmap includes:

  • Limited edition NFT releases
  • Client outreach & onboarding
  • Closed beta test
  • Global  marketing campaign
  • Launch of EveCom
  • Scaling B2B — NFT Airdrop Competition

Limited edition NFT competition, Live NOW!

Join the first ever Unity Network - EveCom NFT Airdrop competition! 

While we wait for the launch of EveCom, we celebrate with an NFT airdrop competition accessible for everyone.

Rules are simple:

  1. Navigate to our Unity Network’s project page
  2. Enter your first name and email address
  3. Confirm your email
  4. Complete the tasks to earn points

Be aware that you can earn additional 10 points for every friend that signs up through your referral link, awesome right?

King of the hill

If you are among the top 5 on the leaderboards when the timer hits zero, you win! 

The competition restarts on the first day each month and lasts until the last Monday of the month. This enables everyone to stack up massive amounts of points to fight for a spot at the top 5.

There are 5 winners for each tier, announced over a span of 3 months:

  • November 2022: The EveCom Origin NFT
  • December 2022: The EveCom Gold NFT
  • January 2023: The EveCom Diamond NFT

Apart from being a collectible, the EveCom NFTs hold future value and act as a VIP badge for the holders.

Future prizes includes (but not limited to):

  • Closed access to EveCom beta
  • EveCom ticket discount
  • EveCom event discount
  • VIP chat access
  • Unity Network merchandise
  • EveCom merchandise

PS: There is a special grand price for the ones who collect all NFT 3 tiers.

The future is bright 

Despite the serious issues going on throughout the world in 2022, it has been a good year for Unity Network and for the DeFi field in general. We are blessed with strong connections, a great community and a persistent team. This enabled us to keep innovating and solving problems based on market needs.


Timing product releases is more important than ever as is preserving funds to secure liquidity for a healthy future. We are keeping an eye on the market and PreSaga will be ready to launch at full capacity with a new UI and a big marketing campaign, when the market conditions are suitable for its arrival.

Unity Networks two main goals are to reach over 1.5 million users by the end of 2024 with a market cap of the Unity Network Token (UNT) above $10 million. With our growing team dedicated to solving real-world financial problems via the unique innovations and solutions that only blockchain technology can bring, we’re going to make the move from mere development to pushing the boundaries of what is possible.

Unity Network

Unity Network is dedicated to providing high-quality, user-centric software solutions that rival those offered by industry giants. We provide exceptional user experiences and simplifying access to cutting-edge AI, and web3 technology.

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