Unity Network: Sidechain selection, Partnerships and more on EveCom

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Unity Network: Sidechain selection, Partnerships and more on EveCom


First, we’d like to thank our community members for your incredible support as we enter the final few weeks of 2022. It’s a very exciting time for Unity Network, to say the least, and we are making tremendous progress.

It is easy to forget the immense impact Web3 has made on the world in its few years of existence – and we are proud to be part of this movement!

Web3 for the people, to the people

The loudest news in blockchain has not been positive lately. We would like to point out the recent collapses in blockchain all originate from centralized players and bad actors. They do not reflect the actions of the decentralized ecosystem.

Web3 was created to give the people back power in their digital lives. That is exactly what Unity Network aims to do.

It's not only centralized exchanges under heavy weather. Centralized event platforms are becoming more unpopular following recent events with platform crashes and scalpers causing ticket prices to skyrocket.

The comment sections clearly portrays a dissatisfied fan base who communicate the need for transparency and a decentralized event management system.

Unity Network recognizes these challenges and is working on the solution with our NFT-based ticket and event platform where everyone’s invited: EveCom.

Sidechain selection and new partners

We strive to provide the absolute best possible experience to our users. It is paramount for EveCom to operate smoothly and securely.

Web3 is a game of king of the hill and Unity Network is looking for climbers – not sprinters.

We are happy to announce Unity Network is joining companies like Walt Disney, Nike, JPMorgan, Meta, Reddit etc. to launch EveCom on the popular Ethereum scaling solution Polygon (MATIC). Near the launch of EveCom, the Uniswap Arbitrum liquidity pool will be moved to Uniswap Polygon along with a marketing campaign to attract users.

To help achieve our goals, we are excited to welcome the River North Communications team to Unity Network!

Kelly Ferraro and Colby Jones – the partners behind the woman-owned River North Communications – along with their team of stellar marketing and PR experts have been working behind the scenes to develop our narrative and share our message within the blockchain community and beyond.

The River North team has a unique understanding of the importance behind EveCom and they know what our team at Unity Network is seeking to accomplish. We are thrilled to have this global communications team as a part of the larger Unity Network ecosystem.

EveCom - “The Monopoly Killer” - And, Everyone’s Invited

We are about to enter the most amazing quarter in Unity Network’s history, building and delivering a product made for everyone, worldwide!

EveCom – a transparent, secure and open platform supporting NFT use cases and touting features such as proof of attendance – is built to support both private and professional organizers with a full suite ticket sales and event management system.

EveCom is accessible, user-friendly and cost efficient. We are excited about the future for this platform!

Unity Network

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