PreSaga: 09/11/21 Progress Report

Happy Saturday, everyone! Check out this brief update on what Unity Network has been up to this week

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PreSaga Deployed on Arbitrum

Good news! PreSaga has been successfully deployed to Arbitrium’s test network. Our development team has, so far, tested market creation and the buying/selling of shares, and now continues to test other functionality.

The results have been fantastic; transactions are incredibly fast and cheap. This means that it’ll be even easier for you to trade on the outcome of real-world events.

Let’s sum up a few of PreSaga’s strengths. Compared to competing prediction markets, PreSaga features:

  • Faster transactions
  • Cheaper transactions
  • A simpler and easier-to-understand user interface
  • No invasive sign-in process
  • A native token that will increase in value as more dApps are added to Unity Network’s ecosystem

We’re also discussing the inclusion of a number of other updates — both pre and post-launch — that will provide a better user experience. It’s an exciting time for Unity Network.

PreSaga represents a new generation of prediction market — one that is usable, understandable, and accessible. Much like the iPhone refined the idea of a simple, yet innovative smartphone usable by everyone, Unity Network is bringing prediction markets to the masses.

If you’ve ever been interested in translating your knowledge of the world into profit, now is the time.

Marketing Underway

You’ve likely seen PreSaga’s marketing spot on CryptoDaily’s YouTube channel, but there’s much more to come. Here’s a snapshot of our ongoing marketing efforts.

Unity Network has chosen to work with Coinzilla and NinjaPromo to cover social media marketing, brand recognition, influencer marketing, website ads, articles, and banner ads. These companies have established and successful histories of marketing projects like ours, and at reasonable cost to us.

This frees Unity Network’s staff up to work exclusively on making PreSaga the best prediction market experience it can be while also leveraging the skills of veteran marketing professionals to get as many eyes on our work as possible before launch.

A Big Thanks to Our Community

As we approach the launch of Unity’s first dApp, we’d like to thank our community for its support. As Unity Network grows, we will continue to value your input, praise, and criticism.

Without you, Unity wouldn’t be where it is today. Here’s to a bright future and the continual growth of our DeFi ecosystem for the masses.

About the Author

Wesley Baines
CCO & Co-Founder

Wesley is the Chief Content Officer and Co-Founder of Unity Network.

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