Unity Network integrates Layer 2 Scaling Solution

One of the main problems with many blockchain networks is their scalability.

One of the main problems with many blockchain networks is their scalability. At Unity Network, we've listened to your requests to integrate a layer 2 scaling solution for our upcoming prediction network, PreSaga, and we have good news for you: PreSaga will deploy on Arbitrum!

Let's briefly discuss why scaling solutions are necessary.

Scaling problems are an issue when the amount of data passing through the blockchain hits a limitation due to the insufficient capacities of the blockchain.

In an ideal case, a blockchain would be able to handle an infinite number of transactions per second, also referred to as throughput or with the acronym TPS. However, the Bitcoin main chain can only handle around 3-7 TPS. In comparison, Visa can process about 20,000 TPS using the centralized VisaNet electronics payment network. The difference lies in the level of decentralization and privacy that Bitcoin and other blockchains aim to provide. It takes a good deal of time and processing power to replace a simple centralized system. Each transaction must be accepted, mined, distributed, and validated by a global network of nodes.

To solve these problems, blockchain developers are working to improve the scope of what a blockchain can handle. That means allowing for a higher number of transactions per second and faster processing times. This would make the common goal of the blockchain community a reality: to make cryptocurrencies and blockchain-based systems accessible to everyone in a convenient, secure, and efficient manner.

Scaling solutions can help solve these problems by providing respite to the blockchain without increasing block sizes or introducing other measures that would tamper with the technology's capacity for decentralization and high levels of security.

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Charles Ellingsen
CEO & Co-Founder

Charles is the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Unity Network.

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