Updates: L2 Solution, Marketing, and Testing

Unity Network’s staff has been hard at work over the past weeks performing development.

Unity Network’s staff has been hard at work over the past weeks performing development, marketing, and administrative tasks, as well as getting ready for PreSaga’s testing and launch.

Let’s go over a few exciting announcements as we begin to approach what’s going to be an eventful Q4.

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L2 Scaling Solution

We’ve listened to your requests to integrate a layer 2 scaling solution for our upcoming prediction network, PreSaga, and we have good news. PreSaga will deploy on Arbitrum!

For those unfamiliar with the concept, L2 solutions help lower transaction fees and increase speed by handling transactions off the Ethereum Mainnet while maintaining the same level of security.

PreSaga is designed to be a fast, easy-to-use, decentralized prediction market that has extremely low barriers to entry. Unfavorable transaction speed and price are major barriers to mainstream DeFi adoption, so we’re making sure that we clear these hurdles, as well. With an integrated L2 solution at launch, PreSaga will have a major advantage over competing prediction markets.

Things are about to get exciting. You can read more about Arbitrum here.

Marketing Update

No amount of innovative tech or good design can make a project succeed if no one knows it exists. Marketing within a crowded field of DeFi competitors is a challenge, but one that we’re addressing.

Unity Network has finalized contracts with two marketing firms for materials including influencer YouTube videos, articles, and banner ads. More on this to come as the firms we’re working with begin production, but rest assured that the coming weeks will draw many new eyes to PreSaga’s strengths.

Closed Beta Incoming

We’ll soon kick off closed beta testing for PreSaga via wallet whitelisting. Our developers are finalizing UI improvements, and once this is complete, we’ll choose participants for the closed beta.

We want to not only make sure PreSaga is technologically secure and sound, but eminently usable on a design level. We’re looking forward to your feedback so that we can continue to iteratively improve PreSaga before launch.

Administrative Updates

On a smaller note, Unity Network is in the final stages of establishing itself as an LLC based in Estonia. We’ve chosen to incorporate in order to afford our staff legal protections, operate within regulatory frameworks in an official capacity, and operate in a location with favorable crypto laws.

This opens up a number of options in regard to future development and gives Unity Network greater staying power. The potential for Unity Network’s growing ecosystem of DeFi applications continues to grow, and we’re excited to see where our journey takes us.

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