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About Unity Network

Unity Network is a software development company delivering b2b and b2c solutions to increase your chances of success in blockchain and free up complicated time-consuming tasks.

We deliver high-end, secure and easy-to-use software with a layer of web3 in DeFi and Blockchain tech.

Educate to innovate

We are at the point of transitioning from technical experimentation to practical use cases. We at Unity Network want to provide as much support in that direction as possible by sharing educational content and bringing DeFi to the people.

Are you a content creator or copywriter with a passion for DeFi? Join us in our quest!

Who is Unity Network?

Unity Network’s founders comprise a group of innovative thinkers with high ethical standards firmly rooted in the blockchain community.

Unity Network boasts an international team of entrepreneurs and experts passionate about solving the growing pains of the DeFi field, with decades of experience in ergonomic, innovative design and data-driven user education. Our founders also include a blockchain Industry veteran and consultants with a vast network of connections in the cryptosphere, institutions, investors, and technical experts.

Unity Network’s Core Team and Founders:

Unity Network was created by Charles Ellingsen early 2021 and started as an idea of making DeFi accessible for everyone. CEO Charles Ellingsen, CMO Michel Caspers and CTO Soufiane Hajazi met in the crypto space with a mutual mindset and a shared dream to bring DeFi to the people. Together they make up the C-Suite of Unity Network.

About us:

Charles Ellingsen (CEO), with a background marked by psychology and people management, knows that the solution to every problem begins and ends with the good of human beings. When it comes to emerging fields like blockchain technology, he also knows that Unity Network need responsible leaders who can help the field grow in a sustainable, inclusive, and ethical way so that they don’t create more problems than we solve.

Michel Caspers (CMO) sees trust as one of our most important forms of currency. The field of decentralized finance is cash wealthy, but trust poor, and here, Michel sees an opportunity to build bridges between DeFi and everyday people. He’s ready to not only communicate Unity’s values to the world, but to help the company become a thought leader in advancing blockchain technology in a way that is demonstrably ecologically sustainable, ethically-governed, and inclusive to all.

Soufiane Hajazi (CTO) is a Software Engineer with background in blockchain and DeFi. He believes in using the blockchain to make people trust each other again and share value online to prosper and grow.

What Unity Network offers:

Our overarching goal is to make blockchain tech usable by everyone, driving adoption like nothing has before.

With our Prediction Market PreSaga, we offer these services (but not limited to):

  • A new kind of prediction market.
  • Low-cost transactions.
  • Faster trades.
  • Automated markets.
  • Safe, secure, and audited.

With our Educational platform we offer these services (but not limited to):

  • 24/7 support.
  • Content creator platform.
  • User educational platform.
  • Verified quality content.

And there's more! We are in the planning phase of a 3rd dApp! More on that later..


UnityNetwork OÜ


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