Educational Platform (Coming Soon)

Bringing DeFi to the people

Educational Platform (Coming Soon)

The path to major adoption is through education

From now on, e-learning is an inevitable part of our life. In this rapidly evolving market, Unity Network is here to revolutionise online education by changing the quality, increasing the opportunities, and becoming a key role in turning online education into a real-life benefit.


As blockchain technology rapidly becomes more integrated with our financial lives, we believe no one should be left behind.

It’s estimated that only 4% of the global American population is knowledgeable about cryptocurrencies and how a simple crypto transaction works

Unity Network's Educational platform will provide the world with trustworthy educational content by professionals for everyday users, professionals and companies.

Why educate?

Many first-time crypto buyers are very ill-informed on what they are purchasing. This lack of education leads investors to fear, uncertainty, and doubt during volatile times.

Providing proper education will encourage more users to invest and will play a key role in helping demonstrate blockchain technology's bright future and utility.

Because the movement of crypto assets depends so much on hopes and expectations, on FUD and FOMO and on highly engaged fan communities — often full of impressionable newbies without any financial knowledge — on YouTube influencers and professional coin shillers, on airdrops and giveaways, and lastly on celebrity endorsements (cf. Musk vs. Doge) it may actually be more interesting to base one’s buying or selling decisions on prediction models inherently possible with prediction market apps as the one we have designed at Unity Network.

Warning: McDonald's, Elon Musk and Kim Kardashian market manipulations


Tired of boring lessons, long quizzes and surveys? We got you!

Learning new things should be fun! Unity Network activates interests and engages with our platform users. Everyone will be able to level up, earn certificates while gaining knowledge, in an engaging and gamified environment. How cool is that?!

Interactive content

80% of the website visitors are more likely to engage with interactive content. 

Interactive content grabs the attention of website visitors, making it a powerful marketing technique. It enhances the reputation of a brand’s message, this content leads to repeated visits and greater online exposure.

88% of marketers favours interactive content.

A hefty 88 percent of marketers think this type of content separates their brand from industry rivals.

X40 times more likely to be shared on social networks.

Something that produces a snowball effect for blockchain and crypto adoption.

Making our users more attractive!

We bet our users already are attractive, since they are here searching for new inspiring projects with the intent to learn new exciting stuff! But how do we assist our users gain an advantage in the world of crypto & blockchain?

With Unity Networks educational platform, our users gain blockchain verifiable certificates and ranking every step of the way. This enables our users to verify to any hiring company that they know how to navigate the crypto & blockchain space and their level of knowledge.

Our users use this to their advantage when searching for jobs!

Making your business more attractive!

Unity Network is actively searching for new partners, content creators and businesses who are in need of a platform to educate and inform their community.

We believe that with providing your community with education and transparency is an important step in creating a loyal and confident customer base.

Some of the benefits of partnering with Unity Network to provide a hub of educational content to your users are:
  • Users act more responsibly and acknowledge their actions.
  • Users will have fewer compaints after being properly informed on the possible risk & benefits on the project and/or assets.
  • Users will be more eager to have a recurring purchase due to enhanced knowledge and reduced fear, especially in a volatile market.

Competitors challenges

Today's educational platforms is not without flaws. They often tend to be a minimum effort created to be in compliance with local government to onboard users. We feel that this is not enough and aim to do more.

The challenges:
  • Users do not like the content
  • Users do not have time to take long courses
  • Users do not want to learn
  • Users search for 3rd party content
The solutions:
  • Gather feedback on the content
  • Provided consistent bite sized content
  • Suggestions for new topics
  • Offer content in wallet

When launch?

The educational platform is set to be launched in Q3 2022, and will be actively upgraded along with user feedback to become the best and biggest source of crypto & blockchain education.

Stay tuned!

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