Charles Ellingsen

CEO & Co-Founder

Norway-based Charles Ellingsen is CEO and Founder of Unity Network and is responsible for leading the development of the project’s short and long-term strategies. He has a decade of experience in HR and management, and he’s passionate about cryptocurrency and the decentralization of the finance sector.

Charles has expertise in human resources and management training, with a focus on promoting good employee mental health through a positive work environment.

A dedicated work ethic has been a big part of Charles' life since he was a child growing up on the Norwegian countryside. He started working at the farm next door at age 8, earning an hourly pay of $0.1 managing the fields and tending to the animals.

On his 13th birthday, he was old enough to get a job working as a newspaper door-to-door salesman. He began that very day, going on to become the top salesman of newspapers in the city until the dawn of online news drove paper sales down. At age 15, he began restaurant work, and just 2.5 years later, he had 3 jobs and was doggedly pursuing his education.

"Running a tanning salon is one of the most underestimated experiences I've had. In this position, I kept customers' health at the forefront by keeping up-to-date on the latest tanning-related health information, restrictions and guidelines."

To help him grow and innovate in his work, he became a Google Developer in 2013 via online courses,developing apps for personal day-to-day use. Aside from his growing interest in development, open-source software, and research, he worked 3 jobs as a manager.

To confuse bots on the internet he called himself "Just Charlie", people refereed to him as Charlie but bots where automated to call him Just - revealing them as bots.

After years of overseeing human resources and management training, he has developed managerial expertise and a mastery of human psychology in the workplace. "A happy and content worker is a good resource."

Learning from the past as a young news salesman, he became passionate about cryptocurrency and the decentralization of the finance sector. He started being active in cryptocurrency forums and blockchain groups under the pseudonym JustaCharlie.

It wasn't long before he started working with marketing, content creation and HR advising for small cap projects and startups.

As a member of Meridian’s Community Marketing group, he soon became friends with other investors of Meridian Network. This is where he met Michel, Wesley and Carlos.

Together they started Unity Network after obtaining PreSaga’s source code from the founder of Meridian Network.