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Martin Hiesboeck

Board Advisor

Dr. Martin Hiesboeck is the Board Advisor at Unity Network.

He understands what is happening at an industry level and keeps track on industry news, competitor announcements, new technologies and societal issues.

He has a proven track record in business consulting, brand development, corporate strategy, business development and technology consulting, in particular in the technology, semiconductor and healthcare sector. Since 2014 he's focused primarily on blockchain as a field of expertise for seminars and individual consulting work.

He is an internationally renowned consultant in the technology and blockchain space. He gave his first presentation on the potential of blockchain in 2012. He is advising governments, NGOs, and companies on blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, its applications, and implementation. His focus on the future of blockchain, CBDCs, NFTs, payments, the metaverse and societal impact of blockchain innovation.

"So stoked to be working with the most outstanding project in DeFi mass adoption."

Dr. Hiesboeck has advised the Taiwanese, Chinese, Malaysian, and German government on blockchain sustainability. Previously, Martin was co-owner of a successful Marketing Firm, Geber Consulting, which focussed mainly on high-tech clients in the semiconductor and biotech industry.

Martin is very active in the European blockchain scene, with wide-reaching connections across the continent, and also works with leading venture capital and financial firms in New York on popularizing blockchain technology and cryptocurrency ventures.

He is a keynote speaker and university lecturer for blockchain, crypto assets, DeFi , multiverse technology, digital marketing, future trends, data science and other disruptive technologies. Currently the head of blockchain research at Uphold Inc.

"Blockchain is the most disruptive invention since the internet itself."

Enthusiastic experts predict that in the coming 10 years, blockchain will change the way we do everything, from financial markets to health records to supply chain management, and so much more.It's near impossible to name all the applications for the new technologies, but here are a few that will contribute to making our world a better place (or even save the planet).