Happy and satisfied costumers will return.

Michel Caspers


Michel is the Chief Marketing Officer and a Co-Founder of Unity Network.

He is here to ensure that Unity Network will be known around the world as the place to be when you are searching for easy-to-use DeFi applications. He's also excited about bringing new people into the world of cryptocurrency.

CMO Michel Caspers has experience in community management, communication, media representation and is a firm believer in blockchain technology. He has worked as a content creator for political parties in the Netherlands.

The field of decentralized finance is cash wealthy, but trust poor, and here, Michel sees an opportunity to build bridges between DeFi and everyday people. He’s ready to not only communicate Unity’s values to the world, but to help the company become a thought leader in advancing blockchain technology in a way that is demonstrably ecologically sustainable, ethically-governed, and inclusive to all.

Michel believes Unity Network can be the face of innovative, easy-to-use, and most important of all, trustworthy DeFi dApps. He also strives to create partnerships between investors, institutions, and crypto newbies.

"Happy and satisfied costumers will return."

He is married and a proud father of two little boys.

As a dad he understands that when you learn, structure is one of the most important parts of a happy life. This goes for communication with our employees, investors and followers as well. That is why communicating in a clear and honest manner is of utmost importance to him. His motto: happy and satisfied costumers will return. This is why he believes in an open and honest conversation with investors to keep their trust.

"I see trust as one of our most important forms of currency."

The goal of DeFi is to create a trustless and permissionless open financial market. Significant development and investment have been placed into the advancement of DeFi. As the space evolves and strengthens, it’s crucial to understand decentralized finance and be prepared to interact with and rely upon these applications. That’s why Unity Network is developing an Educational DeFi platform.