Soufiane Hajazi

CTO & Co-Founder

Morocco-based Soufiane Hajazi is CTO and co-Founder of Unity Network and he is leading and supervising the development of our dApps.  

Soufiane is a software Engineer who spent the last two years in the shadows of DeFi freelancing for big DEX and DeFi protocols, because DeFi as he says is not something you will learn at school.

He once told us that he worked for almost six months with people who never showed their faces to him. Getting real life experience comes at risk.  Sometimes he couldn’t get his pay since the project was intended to be a rug-pull from the beginning and sometimes the founders would just disappear and there is no one to turn to, because as he put it: « you can’t go to the police station in midnight telling them that  0xaB…3c stole your funds. That’s the darkness of DeFi where he grew up to be the man he is today. He always says that Unity Network is a chance for him to rise from the underground and share with the world his expertise to help bring justice to Defi by leveraging the immense potential of the blockchain technology.

He believes in using the blockchain to make people trust each other again and share value online to prosper and grow.  He accepted to join our journey together to conquer earth and space and we are happy to have him on board.