Discover a New Kind of Finance

Unity Network develops finance apps built on the Ethereum blockchain. We believe that your financial experience should be simple, safe, and easy, and that your transactions should be quick and at low cost to you.

That’s why our apps are deployed on Arbitrum, a leading layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum-based decentralized apps that supports faster, cheaper transactions.

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PreSaga – A Prediction Market for Everyone

Prediction markets allow you to profit from accurately predicting the outcome of an event. Rather than relying on luck, you rely on your knowledge and research skills to determine the most likely outcome.

Unity Network’s PreSaga app is different from other blockchain-based prediction markets. Transactions are cheaper and faster than leading competitors, and there are no confusing interfaces or invasive sign-up processes. Based on a simple yes-or-no outcome system, it’s easier than ever to use your knowledge to put your money where your mouth is.

low-cost transactions

PreSaga is built on Arbitrum, which means your transactions will be at low cost to you.

Automated Markets

PreSaga uses the same decentralization secret sauce as exchange giant, Uniswap: AMM technology.

Safe, secure, and audited

All of our apps are thoroughly audited by a reputable 3rd-party audit firm.

faster trades

Trading on PreSaga isn't just easy; it's also fast. This means less waiting around for transactions to complete.

PreSaga is on Arbitrum

We leverage Arbitrum to bring you the fastest, easiest-to-use prediction market in DeFi.

Less waiting, more action
Pay less in gas fees
Safe & secure

Our Networks, Solutions and Partners

Ethereum is a global, open-source platform for decentralized applications.
Ethereum has led to the creation of new products and services that can improve different areas of our lives.

Platform, dapp launchpad

Arbitrum is a layer 2 solution designed to improve the capabilities of Ethereum smart contracts — boosting their speed and scalability, while adding in additional privacy features to boot.

platform, layer 2 scaling

Unicrypt provides vesting and liquidity lock options can both be utilized by project owners and/or early adopters of a technology. Wallets vesting tokens are reflected in a dedicated UI, allowing anyone to consult it in an easier way.

multichain, protocols & services

Hacken is delivering cybersecurity services for businesses of any scale and end customers around the world. They are a leading cybersecurity consulting company with an essential focus on blockchain security.

cybersecurity, auditor

NinjaPromo is an SMM agency with influence around the world. By operating as an extension of our team, they focus on creating high-quality, consistent, and on-brand content, and scale their efforts based on our business needs.

SMM, design & marketing

Enty is an end-to-end solution for the back-office management of Unity Network. They are approved and listed by the Estonian Government programme e-Residency, after consideration of their excellent service quality and background.

Back-office, accounting & legal

Coinzilla platform helps advertisers promote their finance & cryptocurrency project by displaying a variety of ads directly on the websites of their publishers. One of their main goals regarding advertising is to provide high-quality leads.

marketing, ads platform

Unity Network is actively searching for new partners and solutions to take advantage of our applications' full potential. Do you feel that you have a solution suited our needs? Feel free to contact us.

unity network team

The UNT Token

Every app developed by Unity Network is powered by a single, shared ERC-20 token called UNT.

Each of our dApps has built-in functionality that returns a small percentage of UNT back to Unity Network, ensuring funds for further development, marketing, and special events.