Providing the building blocks

Our goal is to provide event organizers with the tools needed to manage their own events, generate revenue from ticket sales, and connect with the fanbase.

The story behind our company

Unity Network is the company behind the event management and ticket sales platform, EveCom.

We are dedicated to transforming the future of events by unlocking the power of what technology can do for people, society, and the industry itself.

The values that drive everything we do

Career Growth

Economic Growth

Providing several different ways to create revenue streams for event organizers through EveCom.



Ensuring equal opportunities to host successful events regardless of background or resources.

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Reduced Inequality

User-friendly interface offered makes it easier for smaller organizations and individuals to compete.

Community Driven


Engage with each other in real time and build meaningful connections before, during, and after events.



Encouraging event organizers to think outside the box by providing cutting-edge technology.

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Promoting a democratic voting system for attendees to have a say in the success of an event.