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Answers to frequently asked questions can be found here:

Why is this project named Unity Network?

Unity Network focuses on bringing together people from all walks of life and from all over the globe in an effort to form a community that is smarter, more agile, and more capable than any of us could ever be at an individual level. Through the power of the unified collective, Unity Network aims to serve the individual.

Where is Unity Network located?

Unity Network is registered in Tallinn Estonia, as UnityNetwork OÜ. The team works online from places all over the world.

How do I know Unity Network and its dApps are safe for me to use?

In this burgeoning era of cryptocurrency, safety is paramount. Every application developed by Unity Network is thoroughly tested and audited by a reputable firm. We’ll provide an audit report for every dApp we develop. In addition to this, the liquidity of Unity Network’s UNT token is permanently locked. Your safety is always our top priority.

How are Unity Network’s development, administrative, and marketing efforts funded?

In addition to our initial development funds, every dApp Unity Network develops contains a built-in mechanism that sends a small percentage of transacted UNT tokens back to Unity Network. The more dApps we develop and the more usage they see, the more funding Unity Network has to work with.

What is the UNT token?

UNT is the ERC-20 token that powers all of Unity Network’s financial dApps. This means that every new dApp gives the token an additional use case, driving up its value for investors. A small percentage of UNT transactions within these dApps is funneled back to Unity Network, driving further development and marketing efforts.

I have questions about Unity Network. Where can I find answers?

You can email us via our Contact Us form above. One of the best ways to get involved, however, is to join Unity Network’s Telegram channel.