Easy Registration

Easy Registration

December 6, 2023

Register as an event organizer, and create an event in under 5 minutes.

Easy Event Creation and Registration with EveCom

Creating an event and registering your profile is a breeze on our user-friendly EveCom platform. Whether you're organizing a concert, conference, or festival, we provide the tools to make the process simple and efficient for all types of events.

How it works:

  1. Easy Profile Registration: Signing up on EveCom is quick and straightforward. Simply fill out our registration form with your basic information, such as name, email address, and password. Once you're registered, you can set up an organizer profile and start creating events right away.
  2. Create an Event: Our intuitive event creation tool allows you to input all the necessary details for your event, including title, description, date, time, location, and ticket prices (if applicable). You can also add images or videos to make your event listing more engaging.
  3. Customizable Event Settings: EveCom provides a range of customization options for your events, such as setting up different types of tickets with varying capacities, creating custom tickets, resale market, guest group chat, and managing guest lists. This allows you to tailor the experience to fit your specific event needs.
  4. Promotion Tools: Our platform offers various promotion tools such as featured on front page and newsletters, to help spread the word about your event. You can share your event on social media platforms directly from EveCom, send email invitations to potential attendees, and even create a unique promo code for discounted tickets or bulk packages.
  5. Ticket Sales Management: With our platform, you have full control over ticket sales. You can set up different pricing tiers, track sales in real-time, and manage your attendee list with ease. EveCom also provides a secure payment processing system to ensure that all transactions are safe and reliable.

EveCom's user-friendly interface makes it easy for event organizers to create events and register their profiles without any hassle or technical expertise required. With our platform's comprehensive tools, you can focus on what matters most – making your event a success!

We're here to help make your experience as smooth and stress-free as possible.

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Quick and easy registration is readily available at the launch of EveCom.

November 29, 2023
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