Promote & Sell

Promote & Sell

December 6, 2023

Promote events and sell tickets directly on the EveCom platform.

Maximize Your Event's Reach with Promotion and Ticket Sales Tools on EveCom

Promoting your events effectively and selling tickets efficiently are crucial for their success. With our powerful promotion and ticket sales tools on the EveCom platform, you can reach a wider audience, increase visibility, and boost ticket sales.

Showcase Your Event

EveCom's promotional features allow event organizers to create engaging content that showcases their events in an appealing way. You can customize your event pages with images, videos, descriptions, and other relevant information to attract potential attendees. Our platform also supports social media sharing, making it easy for users to spread the word about your events and reach a larger audience.

Feature Your Event

Event organizers can choose to feature their event on the front page of EveCom and in our weekly newsletter for more visibility.

Early Bird and Pricing Packages

In addition to promotional tools, EveCom's ticket sales features are designed to streamline the purchasing process and encourage more ticket sales. You can set up different pricing tiers or packages based on attendee preferences, ensuring that there is something for everyone. Our platform also supports early bird discounts, group rates, and other promotional offers to incentivize ticket purchases.

Smooth Transactions

EveCom's secure payment processing system ensures a smooth transaction process for both event organizers and attendees. You can easily track your revenue and sales trends over time, helping you make informed decisions about pricing strategies or marketing efforts. Our platform also provides comprehensive reports on ticket sales performance, allowing you to understand which events are most popular among attendees and adjust future plans accordingly.

Activity information

Promotion packages is readily available at the launch of EveCom.

December 5, 2023
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